What’s a beautiful city ?

The world is huge! Yes you know ! More , every part of the world is wonderful.

Here is my story. I grew up in Dakar capital city of Senegal, a beautiful peninsula. Most of the cities I have ever visited was coastal. So if you asked me few month ago what is a beautiful city, I will say  my beautiful city is an island or at least a city where you have a sea view!  Blue like the sky and the sea, with white or brown sand; and with unique sunset.

Oh Yes ! 


Few month ago I  spend 6 weeks of training in the USA. When you hear USA which city do you think about? New York? Washington DC ? Miami ? San Francisco? Loooool me too.

Soooooooo I heard fews weeks later that I will be at Arizona State University in the city Phoenix! Whaaat ? Where ?? After some research I was informed… Phoenix, is a city in Arizona State ; Arizona is a desert; specificity of the area  in the summer the heat…….dry ! Well, this is another Topic.

arizona heat

Continuing my research I tried to know what can be the top 5 of things to do in Arizona and guess what ? I read about Grand Canyon one of the seven wonder of the world!  Whoa! I felt lucky and blessed. Since then I was very excited to be there. Well there is no sea but Grand Canyon is there. It is Amazing!


After a very long introspection and the visit of fabulous cities without sea view, my definition of a beautiful city changed. A beautiful city, is a city where my eyes are fulfilled. Landscape are so different and every piece of this world have his particular beauty. I enjoy every moments abroad, I also enjoy travelling inside my country where there is always something to discover.

I have plenty travel stories and anecdotes and through , you’ll find my thoughts and travel experiences.

And you, what do you consider as a beautiful city.

Afro Adventurer

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