These 10 phobias when I take the plane

1-the phobia of excess baggage : if you have always been treated with politeness and courtesy while weighing the luggage is that you have never been in excess. Seriously when you’re in surplus you lose all credit , you are treated like a criminal on the run without the handcuffs, especially if behind we don’t have enough to pay the surplus, or if the surplus doesn’t worth the paiement. Imagine being in the middle of the airport opening your suitcases and taking out unnecessary heavy items….. it’s time to get rid of this old fetish towel that follows you everywhere. Who have never been in this situation? That’s why I always weigh my stuff minutiously and travel the lighter possible.

2-the phobia of having a carry on bag: well I have very small shoulders, then I don’t have strength in my arms, I always have a computer and a book, I want also to buy one or two things in the Duty Free shop, and you know how struggling it is for a petite to store things up, then have to pick them up? Sometimes you meet a gentleman that can help you but not always!! So the rule is no carry on bag! The funny thing is that at the airport , you will meet that person who will see you travelling with “empty” hands and who will try to give you his surplus….. why???

3-the phobia of porticoes: when it rings…. and you have to remove shoes, belts, jewelry, scarves, wigs, jackets, it’s not for me!! When I travel I carefully choose every piece I wear.

4-the phobia of the handbag checking: which woman doesn’t put her whole house in her handbag? It happened once when scanning my handbag it was impossible to identify the objects inside. The Security Officer, a very slow guy put me on the side and asked to check the contents of my bag. Of course sir... however he took all his time, put his hand in every corners of my mini bag, losing patience I just spilled all the contents of the bag in front of him. I will never forget the way the poor guy looked at me

5-the fear of not having a window side: this window side!! I loooooove it, I would pay for her. And for that I have no scruples about moving those persons who do like they are lost inside the plane….. oh no, you will find your place but it is not here….

6-the fear of being in the special kids zone: I don’t know if it really exists. If it exists it’s a nightmare . One day I found myself in an area composed at 90 % of kids under 5 years old. I thought I was in a Kindergarden class. I have to confess that I laughed a lot during the flight but I said goodbye to any concept of quietness. Between the babies crying, the others who didn’t want to sit, running in the corridors, going to the toilet every 3 min. Oh that kids…..!

7-the fear of the turbulence zone: so these turbulence! How to say. There is of turbulence and TURBULENCE The day I saw my orange juice spill over because of turbulence there i really thought it was the end. At every turbulence zone there is this side of me that can’t help but wondering about the worst.

8-the fear of going to the toilet: a sister once told me, you know on the plane I never go to the toilet. I asked her why, she answered I’m afraid that the hole will suck up me. Oh no I never heard this one before. On my side it’s the state of the toilet that discourage me. Clean at the beginning of the flight and getting messy at an exponential speed. One week before I travel I reduce my drink consumption, to a point where the D day I find myself to be very thirsty on the plane. I usually manage to hold as long as possible but very often on arrival while others are looking for their luggage I’m looking for the toilet first.

9-Claustrophobia: don’t laugh but the stupid thought that crosses my mind when I’m on the plane is that it’s a closed place, which goes up altitude, so where does that oxygen come from? What is its quality? How does it renew? Will it be enough? The more I think about it and the more I have difficulties to breathe.. Proof that everything is really in the head, well I found the answers to my questions ….

10-the fear of being next to this communicative guy: do you know this talkative neighbor ? Who even during a 15 h flight will have things to say during the WHOLE flight? So him !!! I always pray to never sit by his side. In General he is super nice, he is always a man, his name is always Abdou, he is warm and funny, he is also a sleepless, he hides his fear of flights with excess of communication, he is not good at using Screens so he prefers to discuss, he has lots of funny anecdotes to tell, but no I don’t want to talk too much. The truth I don’t want to talk at all when I’m comfortably sitting at the window side. Often I am either lost in my thoughts and memories, my head in the clouds and so I dream of calm. And then, I’m little bit wild in reality but I’m among of those who think that transports are not made to sympathize. Hey, I know I’m not nice. When really I come to sit next to Abdou, after the minute of “oh my god not him”!!!! I take my courage , and I play the game. Does he even leave me the choice.

And you what are you afraid of when travelling??Did you meet with Abdou? Tell me your anecdotes

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