My travel friend from Grenada

Taking the bus from Indianapolis to Saint Louis ALONE have been one of the creepiest trip EVER! I mean worse than taking every day the metro line 7 in Paris, and worse than being in a plan in a high turbulence zone. The creepiest EVER.

So imagine you book a trip with a bus in a company named…. and then few weeks later someone give you this advice: NEVER TRAVEL WITH…… And you have already booked the trip do you imagine???

This was from Washington DC to New York but actually for DC to NY I was not alone, and then I even didn’t notice everything happening around. I was just enjoying my going to New York moment. And to be honest the trip went so perfectly that I asked myself why that person told us to never travel with…..

And yeah I had a nice travelling experience then I booked again with the same company.

First I arrive early at the station, had the time to observe my neighbourhood, and to see lot of non-friendly face…..and THEN I don’t know why this advice came back to my mind. NEVER TRAVEL WITH…….

I arrived early but I’vebeen among the last to enter in the bus. And this increased my fear. Oh my god.

I was seeing passenger entering one by one in the bus. Among them there was this couple quarrelling seriously. This lady with her big pillow and her suitcases. This boy speaking very

loudly at the phone……. These two noisy friends. This tall guy with a bunch of tattoo and piercings who was very nervous…

When it arrived to my turn, as we say in Wolof I attached my courage and went into the bus. I walked inside, looking at the face of the persons near the empty seats. Some person

alone just put their luggage or their foot in the seat next them……a kind of dissuasion attitude…..

I just wanted a quiet place to sleep so I could forget my dark thoughts.

And then I saw a guys who seemed very quiet. His position was sending this message: DO NOT DISTURB… I was in the same mood so I sat near him and then the road trip started in silent. May be my facial expression was sending this message: I AM SCARED 😱

So in the bus: the guy still speaking loudly in the phone; the couple and their fight being more and more violent; the two noisy friends having an animated conversation; the nervous guy talking alone; …  the others; and my neighbour and I.

30 min later, I don’t even don’t remember how, but a discussion started between me and the quiet guy and lasted during all the trip. We had lunch together, he kept my lug gages while I was looking for snacks.

I discovered a cool and kind guy. He was from Grenada. Grenada is a Caribbean

island, like Barbados where Rihanna is from. The landscape is heavenly. It is called the Isle of spice because they have all variety of spices. It is the world second largest producer of nutmeg. They also have plenty of delicious fruits. Grenada was definitely an Idyllic destination.

He told me about his Island and made me want to spend holidays there. He talked about his beautiful girl friend he was visiting 😍. We also talked about food! Guess what? The guy was a foodie, and an incredible cook. I learnt a lot from him, his island, his values, his life in US, his dreams.

This day when I arrived at my destination I couldn’t thank him enough. My friend from Grenada made my road trip wonderful and insightful.

And of course again next time I will take the avoided bus company the trip was amazing.

For your information when I left the bus the couple was still quarrelling. I

don’t know what the boo did but his bae was very very upset 🤷🏽‍♀️

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