Le’ts have a walk in Casablanca (3): the delights of Morocco

⚠️ ⚠️ 🚨 Special Food Post 😉

Yesterday during a discussion, we mentioned one of my travels and the first question was how you found the food there. Well naturally I said ” food was delicious “. The answer of my dear NINI ” I have to say that you are not difficult in terms of food “. haha very flattering my beautiful! I admit that when I travel I rarely have this concern about what I will find in terms of food. I am just eager to discover.

I wouldn’t say I’m not difficult in terms of food. Child there were a lot of things I didn’t like… Eggs, meat, fish, offal etc… I grew up in an environment or gastronomy was multicultural. But above all there were 3 main rules at home: RULE NUMBER 1 before saying I don’t like something you have to taste it first! RULE NUMBER 2 if you don’t like you have to taste again. RULE NUMBER 3 it’s not because you don’t like that you’re not going to eat what you don’t like!! Bam 💥 Do you know the maternal tyranny? I think all this defined my curiosity around food.

Beyond being vital, gastronomy for me is a full-fledged journey. Destination a corner of the world through,, tastes, flavors and specific products
Those who know me know it, the others don’t be surprised to see me emotional talking about food.

Let’s get back to it. I came back from my stay in Morocco with the certainty that Morocco was a blessed land. It’s a land with multiple treasures. Also, food costs almost nothing. I’ve never been that cool while reading the menus of restaurants. I was sure the price will be reasonable, sure the portions will be enough for us and sure it will be good hehe. In Morocco I also discovered food associations that I never have thought to find in the same plate. I want to talk to you about everything I ate there, fruit, street food, juice, discoveries , my favorites, my unexpected surprises…. I have to make a choice because the list is looooong. Fasten your seat belts! Let’s go

The spices
When we talk about Morocco, one of the first words that comes to mind is spices. Morocco is the temple of spices, which gives its dishes a unique taste. Cumin, paprika, turmeric, cinnamon…. the mix of spices called Ras El Hanout .. The list is long and every spice has its secret. Sold to weight, you can find them ground or whole.

The Prickly Fig

Before I even go to Morocco my sister tired my ears with this fruit. “we have to taste it, it has countless virtues, it seems that it is delicious” blablabla. In Casablanca the prickly fig is sold at every corner of the city. It is delicious and also has lots of little seeds (actually they will tell us later that they’re grains). In Novices we tried to spit the “seeds” one by one before a Moroccan lady told us that everything was eaten hehe… the prickly fig have the secret of eternal youth.

The Argan Oil

It is known for its cosmetic virtues, but there is also the culinary Argan Oil. Its smell reminds of the hazelnut. . We love it in the salads it is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E.

The oranges of Morocco

There is nothing more pleasant than strolling while knowing that in every corner of the street we will find something to eat or drink. Under the heat of Casablanca the sellers of orange juice are everywhere and it’s just… Refreshing. Oranges are perfect: Juicy, sour, and super sweet.Outside the oranges there are all the type of fruits, prunes, peaches, cherries… when you walk in the Medina it’s hard to resist to the call of Fruit . So, of course there is as much smoothie as a combination of possible fruits. It even made me envisage to be a frugivore 😀

The Spanish influence

Spain is just around 1 H 30 of flight from Casablanca. The Spanish gastronomy is also strongly represented. The paella I ate in Casablanca was top. I don’t even now the Spanish one but I guess this was the original Spanish Paella. We were served in the pan that served to cook the paella with the rice crust at the bottom of the pan (aka khogne in Wolof). Decorated with lemons, it was composed of all kinds of seafood among them some I discovered for the first time , the seafood addict in me was happy.

The “abattoir” (slaughterhouse )

In Senegal we are a fan of “Dibi” (grilled meat at the wood fire. ). The Songhai are fans of grilled lamb. So when you’re a mix of both you can’t go to Casa without making a detour to the “abattoir” perfect for the meat addicts. We find these experts of grills. The meat is delicious and tender, and they serve it with special spices and with the so popular Moroccan Mint Tea.

The Moroccan mint Tea

Moroccan tea, I first discovered it in Dakar. Thanks to auntie Fatima for these happy days where the tea was always present. Different from what we call in Senegal the “3 normal” , Moroccan tea is much more light. So this tea I could drink it all day. It’s light, not too sweet with the taste of mint … just excellent. I couldn’t say if it’s the tea I like the most or all the beautiful tea set.

The Moroccan Tajine

Moroccan Tajine : source Trip Advisor ( Khadija’s Cooking Class )

As a great fan of sweet and sour food I loved the Moroccan Tajine. Moroccan tajine dishes are slow-cooked savory stews, typically made with sliced meat, poultry or fish together with vegetables or fruit. Spices, nuts, and dried fruits are also used. Common spices include ginger, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, and saffron. Paprika and chili are used in vegetable tajines. The sweet and sour combination is common in tajine dishes like lamb with dates and spices. The tajine is cooked in a plate called Tajine which is earthenware pot . One of my desire was to buy a Tajine plate. I bought one and packed it in the Medina. These ‘Packing’ experts guaranteed me that even at the bottom of my suitcase, even at the bottom of the storage area in the plane….. even after an earthquake the pot will remain intact. Imagine the suspense while opening my suitcase back home…. Tadaaaa It was intact!

The Almonds

In Morocco I found out there wasn’t a single almond but several varieties. Taste, shape and price are different depending on the types of almond. Try baked almonds in the oven then mixed with olive oil, seasoned salt and Rosemary…. delicious

The Olives

When I was younger I had a group of cousins who used to fight at the end of the meals for …. Olives and I found them soooo strange…. I was watching them like aliens. Over time I started to eat the olives not for their taste but more for their virtues. In Morocco you LOVE Olives .. they have this way to marinate them and the taste of olive associated with other flavors gives an explosive result. … and then the olives accompany almost everything.

Finally we couldn’t talk about Moroccan gastronomy without mentioning the Moroccan Couscous. On the menu of most restaurants on Fridays, I would recommend to book your belly the day before because the portions are huge. Royal Couscous as its name says is the Gourmet Feast. It is accompanied by vegetables, Grills Grill, merguez, meat, chickpeas, raisins….. my discovery was this little caramelized onion sauce on the couscous that adds a magical note.

We’re going to stop here…. Sorry for the sudden end but I’ve been spreading enough in length. Remember that Moroccan gastronomy is rich, delicious and diverse and you will enjoy it without ruining yourself.

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