Let’s have a walk in Casablanca (2): the struggle for Taxis

So taxis in Casa, I think you have to live the city to understand how it works. White Taxis, red Taxis, a Taxi that goes here and not somewhere else , a Taxi that doesn’t take you because you’re too many while you’re only 4 persons… a complete puzzle…. I mean puzzle if you are unfamiliar.

Let me try to explain what I understood and may be I didn’t understand anything at all that’s why we’ve struggled so hard 😂 . So Morrocan if you can explain me clearer….thank you

A Taxi is defined by a size and a direction. Taxis are shared, so it is possible to take a taxi while there is already someone inside if you are going in the same direction.

Red Taxis are called the small Taxis; they take no more than 3 persons and on small distances. White Taxis are the big Taxis they take according to their size more than 4 people, you can take them for long journeys and they are the only ones who can get out of the city. Usualy you take them at a Taxi station where, there are several Taxis going to several different areas by order of filling….. There you can ask informations about which taxi can take you where you want to go.

The small Taxi is red in Casablanca and the color is different in other the cities of Morocco. You can just stop it by the road…. but once again it only takes not more than 3 persons. 
Regarding the direction to get from a point A to a point B you have to stop the Taxi that goes in the direction of A to B and not something else…. Otherwise the Taximan will nod in sign of “no I’m not going in this direction…. “

Then you also have to negotiate the price…. in general they give a price per person.

During our stay I had the felling that we had the mischance of Taxis. We were two adults and two children including one of 3 years old. Do you count how many people?? I COUNT 3 and Epsilon….

In the morning on the way out, we used to go to a taxi station not far from home to take a white Taxi. No wait , no long discussions, no…. frustration. This is at the Taxi station…

Once outside in the middle of nowhere; with the red taxis there was the big equation to solve… a red Taxi uh four people…. and so we were facing the following situations :

– The Taxi you stop but who doesn’t stop…. 

– The one you stop that doesn’t stop but that will stop just near The Moroccan near you (yet we were visible enough)… 

– The Taxi that stops but who doesn’t go or you’re going… (again this problem of direction)

– The Taxi that tells you to take two taxis because ou are too much….. okay we didn’t think about that

– Finally the Taxi that “wants ” to take you where you are going because the little one of 3 years doesn’t really count…

What I can say is that we’ve walked! Luckily we like walking. Ah, wewore out our shoes…. we laughed so hard also because some situations where really at the limit of non understanding..

Many times we had struggled with so many Taxi that when finally we had one we had no more the strengh to negociate the price…”Okay take us wathever it costs”. And we were happy as if we just won a round to Maldives.

Inside the Taxi they were super nice, the discussion was naturally engaged and they were also very patient. (Not our Dakar Taxis that start speed barely you have a foot outside)

Communication was also a problem. Some of them don’t speak french or don’t even try to understand when it seems complicated so a “Aslama — > Address” it’s widely enough.

Finally you have to know exactly where you are going : the neighborhood, the name of the streets, the name of the places ect and position in the right sense.

The kids really hated Taxis in Casa… yes… what they kept in mind is that the Taxis in Casa are Wicked ! Exclamation point 😂😂😂😂🙈. It is understandable, they saw us in all the possible states : 

-Pissed off 🤬🤬🤬🤬 eh he saw us well and he went to stop next…

– Despair: “it is getting dark and still no Taxi for us… 😢😢😢 we are really f***** 😬 🙊 oups 

– resignation: “Let’s walk then ….”

They enjoyed taking the Tramway which is practical for a slow city tour.


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