Let’s have a walk in Casablanca (1)

I said previously that Casa was very animated and I felt it a little bit disturbing , however it is the way we like this city. I wouldn’t change anything. Definitely, your stay in Casa will not be boring. There is so much places to visit and so much things to do. During our 15 days stay we went out everyday; each day for one new activity. I will try to share my best of.

The Ain Diab Corniche 

The corniche of casa is full of entertainment places. It is the chilling space of Casablanca during the summer. It seems like eveybody meet in this destination. Depending to the places you have the choice between the beach and the pool or you can use both. Under a sunshade, sitting water side, with restaurant not far and drinking your sweet cocktail …time does fly ; it’s so nice and relaxing. In front of the corniche there is a range of fast food restaurants where you can enjoy one of the several smoothies that you only find there.

The Mohamed V place

The place Mohamed V is located in the heart of the administrative district of Casablanca. It is characterized by its architecture, its monuments and its beautiful fountain. Under the warm sun of Casablanca, the place is refreshing. There you can take beautiful pictures with some unusual companions : pigeons. While one my boys was running everywhere trying to catch one of them ; the other cried so hard because he was afraid of them…. Imagine… I know , I am a bad auntie but I am still laughing at him.

The Old Medina

The old Medina is among my favorite places in Casablanca. It is more authentic compared to the surrounding modern buildings. I loved walking through her narrow street. I hate markets usually but this one is a structured Maze . There you find exactly ALL. The clothing part where you can find both modern and traditional clothes; the leather part with sandals, hand bags, purses ect, the part dedicated to the handcrafts is the paradise of decoration objects. There is also a part reserved to food items from the meat to the spicies . Plus the cosmetic part that I also loved to discover. And that’s not all ; in the Medina there is a side called the Senegalese Market. Actualy it is a place where you find things from west africa : hairdresser, food, products….
Outside the Medina there is lot of variety of of street food : grilled chicken, meat or kefta skewers, finger food, shandwiches….. the smell will make you hungry for sure. While walking inside the Medina, you can also meet the ones who sell al type of refreshments and among them THE wellknown Moroccan ORANGE JUICE … perfect for the heat. (I remember how my crazy friend was shocked when I bought a fresh cup of orange juice outside…. Seems like The Queen doesn’t eat and drink everywhere..)

The Morocco Mall 

We can’t talk about Morocco without mentioning the Morocco Mall, the largest shopping centre in Africa with 200 000m2 of floor space. Morrocco Mall is : a unique architecture ; actually the architect who designed the mall is a genius. inside there is a giant and wonderful aquarium: The Aquadream and a pleinty of shops and restaurant. The Morocco Mall is also an entertainment center, with the Adventure land, The huge cinema IMAX and its partucular shape ; a climbing wall ect .

The last floor of the Mall is reserved for restaurants places to rest. The mall is always full and having a place to sit for lunch is laborious.

Anfa Place 

I personally I prefered the Anfa Place Mall. First because it is smaller, and at Anfa Place you have access to the beach.

Our last day in Casa, after hours and hours of shopping, we rented a sunshade for a relax afternoon at the beach. There was a group playing soccer, other surfing on the soft waves , other were swimming and some were just chilling enjoying the beautiful view and the sun.
The kids had a poney ride , and after we spent our time between playing soccer with a group , swimming and watching the infinite view and the sunset. We had a very nice moment and played like crazy. We were missing Casablanca already.

After spending all our energy at the beach we were craving for a sweet snack. We then stopped at the chez Paul Cafe and bakery for a great Chocolate feast.


African Foodista

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