Being student in Paris (4) : The Parisians

To finish about the so beautiful and so glamour Paris Ile de France and its strange and weird things lets talk about …. the Parisians.

Parisian : noun: Parisian; plural noun: Parisians
1. a native or inhabitant of Paris. The Parisian is always running and he never smiles…

The Parisian is a very particular specimen. He is always running and always in a hurry, he is also always complaining. Some people describes the Parisians as people who never smile and who seem unhappy….The Parisian never smiles?!! Well I am a very smiley person but sometimes Paris used to put me in this mood where every little single smile annoyed me…. So funny

My first time in Paris I was in vacation… you know vacation = relax mode…. sooooo I went to visit a friend. We spent the whole day shopping… it was so cool… so cool until this happen… on the way back home we were discussing laughing… you know like friends do.. and suddenly she told me “run run hurry up, we are going to miss the metro… “. Then she ran with her 8 month pregnancy tummy …. woa.. 
Then I also ran.. trying to understand why we were running… and actually everybody was running around us…. was it the last metro of the day? The last metro of the year? Or maybe the end of the metro in Paris??? Why should we run for THIS specific metro? 
I didn’t ask question, I ran, we jumped the stairs four by four and then arrived just when the metro was parking.
And then I saw on the screens that the next metro was coming in 1 minute, the other next in 3 minutes….Whaaat??

That was’nt all… when we arrived she said “don’t stop here continue runing, we need to enter at the last door of the metro . Go go go”… “No whaaaaaat??? Why all these rituals??? I don’t run anymore, a door is a door, a metro is metro Why this specific door and scpecific metro????? “…. “Hey I have no time to speak comme or we will miss it”…. Okay….

And while the doors of the metro was closing some people were still trying to force the doors, open them and enter in the metro… HAVE YOU SEEN THAT THE NEXT METRO ARRIVES IN JUST ONE MINUTE???? COME ON!!!!

Once in the train she explained me that this specific door will coincid with a specific exit at our destination, so we will not walk a lot…. Grrrrrrrrrr
So when we arrived at destination we also run to be the first out of the metro … first on the stairs🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕… I was starting to hate Paris.

As I said I love Paris but this running part was the thing I hated the most. After one month in Paris I was running like crazy, running like I have never done in my life. I Understood that to survive in Paris you have to run. After a week in Paris if you don’t develop this survival tips, YOU ARE DEAD :

1- RUN even if you don’t know why you are running
2- In Stairs or escalator or wherever if you know that you are slow, you want to walk or you just want to stand, stay at the RIGHT of the RIGHT 
3- If you are a group of tourists and you want to stay together to enjoy without stress, stay at the RIGHT
4- As you understand always FREE your LEFT exept if you are in a hurry and trust your speed
5- If you are lost, please don’t stand up in the middle of nowhere like a wall…..go in a corner and manage to find your way with a map….
6 – Never ask your way to someone who is running…, if he is running, he is in a hurry and and then he has no second for you….

Doest it make sense?

About the smile it’s true… only tourists smile in Paris and actually that is why my best moment was the spring and the summer. Paris is sunny and full of smiley and happy Tourist and it bring some light in the city.

Parisians don’t smile. Yes they don’t smile. Why??? I have a partial answer….Imagine a mind full of calculations and previsions …. yes…. Some when they get out of the bed are thinking about how to avoid crowd, how to walk less or how to spend less time in the transport. Some persons spend at least two hours every day from their home to office and two other hours on the opposite way. They even don’t pay attention to what is happening around, they just focus on the destination; like robots. And yes sometimes the transportation is just scary : incidents, crazy, drunks, drog addicts, gangsters….
Now imagine someone who lives in a dodgy zone… Are you still smilling?


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