Being student in Paris (3)

Lesson 3 : Be sure to have gold friends wherever you are. A gold friend is available, discrete and nonjudgmental. They are the first to clean the mess without trace. A gold friend can save your life.

This day, in the hall of the bulding, at 21 h we where still trying to realize what hapenned. Were we really about to be homelless? Oh no… Really?? Not us! Not possible. There was always a solution right?? So where was that solution? Far from the familly and in this strange foreign city?

And instead of finding solution, we were increasing our stress by thinking about how to hide this story! 😂😂😂Yes nobody should hear about what hapened. No parent, no familly, no friend (By the way they will now about the story now together with you dear readers 😂). 
How could we be that reckless? What will we tell?? However….if we survive this night…nothing about what hapenned!

So we needed to find a solution quickly and time was flying.

First solution that came in mind was to spend some night at the nearest hotel. While searching , the nearest hotels were costing arms and legs. The other were far or unavailable. And was the hotel a solution? We spent one month searching for a house, so the probability to find something in a few days was very low. Going to the hotel was just postponing the problem to tomorrow …

After calling the fifth hotel which was unavalaible….we started to feell very desseperate! We needed an alternative solution and quickly.

And then Bigo! OMG how could I forget them…? Trembling I took the phone to call a couple of friend. Very embarassed , I even don’t know how I managed to tell them what happened and which words I used. However one hour later we were in a warm home.
Hot shower, good dinner, animated discussion…and the day after the normal life continued.

Our friends hosted us, and with this precious help, we could search quietly a lodging without stopping our different activities. And we never talked again about this embarassing episod.

Ten days later we meet this Warm, Adorable, Motherly Egyptian Lady renting a house. Like her, her lodging was warm, quiet, clean, sunny and with very good material. She told us that the apartments she rents are like a revenge on the life, as an Egyptian in France she struggled, and now she understood how the system was working. While some was not renting to Africans, she was doing the opposite, renting to only Africans… Our Luck

The only disadvantage was that the total lodging + transport cost was expensive for us, and there was lot of junkies around the area. We stayed there two months before finding another lodging through a lodging agency this time. Yes we aimed VERY HIGH. In fact we were fed up of all this capricious and indelicate owners. And for the first time I had my WOW moment. This appartment was THE dreamed appartment.

It was a small independant house in a wide courtyard. The house was sunny, near of all commodities, acceptable price, near of many transport: metro, tramway, buses ; in a calm area, near of “Chinatown”. The house had EVERYTHING from the big fridge to the small spoon! And EVERYTHING WAS NEW!!!! Yes!! NEW of NEW and HIGH STANDING equipment.

In summer we could hear the birds singing in the morning. We could stay ouside in the sun, dry our clothes in the sun, make barbecues. It was perfect! We lived there for 4 years.

But once again in Paris the dreaming house is not really what it seems but …. yeah we could bear some small imperfections ( Allow me to keep them for myself ) in comparison to all the positive things.

Only unaccustomed to Paris lodging struggle would pick and choose 😂😉

African Foodista


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