Being Student in Paris (2)

Once Mr Owner received the letter, we had exactly one month to leave the house. This month passed so quickly!

Finding housing in Paris when you are Student it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Students’accomodations are all full with a long waiting list. Lodging agencies are very expensive. The ideal alternative is to search in classified websites… there you can find if you are lucky enough, people who rent at a reasonnable cost.

So those websites!

When you star searching, it’s impossible to imagine how hard you are going to struggle . The description in the advertisements are sooooo nice, so attractive ….” wide, sunny, bright smoth stones appartment, from XV century, with Louis XIV furniture, Massive wood Mezanine bed, close to all amenities in a desert island.., near of the metro….”
You see this advertisement you directly call the Owner…. and then the reality hit you in the face.

Behind those nice advertisements we had four type of appartments :

– The spacious and cheap one, far from Paris, in the deep bush of Ile de France , So far that when you go there you need your passeport!
– The constricted maid’s room in the beautiful and chic area of Paris, chic neighbourhood, chic neighbors, chic view, reasonable price and….mouse house….
– The cheap appartment in dodgy and shabby zone, gruesome , like a crime scene of Criminal Minds episod
– The expensive nice and well located one, so expensive that you can afford with that money wonderful holidays in Maldives……

That’s not all : Once you find the perfect advertising, you had to talk to the phone with four type of owner :

– The Brief : “allo”… Hi I am calling for the… “I am not renting anymore” Thank you goodb….. Bippppp he already hang up the phone 🤬
– The racist : “Aww you have a nice exotic accent … where are you from?? Your french is perfect… What are you doing here…… the house is not avalaible anymore…” nkt
– The wanted : “Okay, I planned visits monday, wednesday , saturday, from 12 to 14. Be on time and come with your complete application papers” …..And you arrive you find other 50 persons waiting with their papers…. Sorry may be I am wrong, I am not coming for a job interview
– The greeddy : “what you guys are doing ? ….okay you have to earn both of you 5 times the monthly rent, additionnaly, you must have two guarantors and both of them must be owner of a primary and secondary residence……”😒😒😒

So we spend that whole month looking for accceptable accomodation, and the more we were calling Owners and the more we were feeling desperate. In the point that we started considering keeping our substandard housing. It was very luxurious compared to other we have visited.

My greatest choc came from the visit in Clichy area. OMG !!! I turned a blind eye to the dodgy zone, ignored the unsafe neighbourhood beetwen drugs and alcohol addicts, I also ignored the long queue waiting to visit, but I sarted to feel unconfortable when the Owner said floor six, no elevator… What ???? Okay I was so desperate that I said let’s try… and then the squeaky stairs in wood were like one more step and all the staircase will collapse….and then we arrived in front of a creepy thing with the occupant still inside…. !! What’s that???? 😩😩😩

Well time was flying

Two days before the end of that month, Mister Owner called us… a student wanted to visit the house…. I was convinced that NOBODY will take his bad “thing” that he is calling appartment… and that we could negociate to stay few more weeks….. It was underestimating the Parisian Owner 😅😅

The D day, Mister Owner called us again at 6 PM : “your month is over, I already rented the appartment, the renter will settle tonight … we’ll be there at 8 PM… I hope that hou already cleaned the house … “ Bam💥 💥💥💥

The cold shower !!! No time to think and to realize … we ranged our stuffs in silent mode … waited them until 8 PM … returned the keys…. and then we left…. still in silent mode… The crazy elevator was not working again….

Wait a second!!! 😱😱😱😱 Are we really HOMELESS????

Lesson 2 The Parisian Landlord NEVER LOOSE!


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