Being Student in Paris (1)

While writting these lines I am laughing so hard. I said that one day I will talk about being student in Paris. Paris is a wonderful city, the city of love, the city of Lights but Oh My God, Student Life in Paris is so Weird 😂😂😂😂.

⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ These are memories I kept in the deepest part of my Brain, far from all access. But I can’t help smiling now thinking about some crazy things that happened there

– First accommodation 😱😱😱😱
– Second transportation
– Third people😂😂😂

So just a small flash back. I graduated from my bachelor degree in Brittany in the rain, spent one whole year in Quebec in the ice , and now I wanted to explore the beautiful and soft Paris île de France 😂. Paris île de France, so glamour

When you are looking for accomodation in Paris you have to take in consideration these criteria :
– Transportation: the ideal is not far from at least one metro station
– Price : let’s say student’s Price 
– Zone : the ideal is a non dodgy zone……

When we arrived in Paris, we managed to have a small “thing”. I will call it thing because it was not a room, either a studio. I will discover later what it was.

So the positive and visible part : the “thing” was in 6th arrondissement of Paris. Near of two metro station : line 14 and line 6, one RER station : RER C, near of The François-Mitterrand Library, near of lot of shopping area. It was nice walking around, and we were surrounded by several restaurants. Good deal right ? Yes it was a kind of Jackpot. Wait wait wait…The hidden and Weird part: the “thing” was at the seventh floor of an old building, the very old elevator from the early 19th century, was functionnal once in a month. The rest you had to use the narrow staircase…If you had luggage or or something heavy you just find yourself wishing to die when the antiquity elevator was not working. Once at the floor number seven, there was this wide door and when you enter inside you find 3 student apartments . Ours was one of them.

Inside there is this quick kitchen, a kind of mezzanine bed and… and the toilets 😂😂. The whole appartement was smaller than my toilets back home…. Every step inside the apartment, you hit something .

When you visit an apartment do you consider flushing the toilet??? No??? Then next time do it ! This simple action can save your life.

Those toilets!!! Damn!!! Those toilets were the noisiest toilets ever. Everytime you flush, it is like there is a earthquake 😱😱😱 magnitude 5, decibel 200. All the bulding was quaking.

I learnt later that the name of this kind of toilet is macerating toilet.. Don’t ask me how it works.

I heard later that those toilets was forbidden and our proprietor had trouble with the law because of the macerating toilet in his 3 student appartments.

I discovered later that the “thing” in question was a kitchen and the Owner managed to transform it into a small room.

And one day, we had THIS water leak! When we called the Mister Owner he said he will fix it but never did.

This was too much. I decided to write The letter of termination , to leave the apparment. Hubby tried to dissuade me : “Do you know how hard it was to have THIS ???? “

I am naturally calm and patient but THIS was too much! I was deaf ,decided, and revolted 😂😂. “The Owner is crazy, the toilets are noisy and forbidden, there is flood, the elevator never work! WE LEAVE!!!!! “ 😂😂😂

Big mistake and first lesson of Student life in Paris ….

When you have a roof over your head, WATHEVER IT IS, YOU KEEP IT!!!


A. Adventurer

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