Did I tell you how much I love aquatic landscape ? I love the sea, the lakes, the pools, the rivers…Beyond the naturally beautiful landscape, I find solace in water, whether it’s sea, pool, lake or river. Water landscape is for me the best antidepressant.

I grew up in Dakar peninsula and we have wonderful beaches. My love of seascape come from my father. As far as I remember, most of our excursions was near the sea. I remember how he used to carry my sister on his neck, and take me by my hand walking on Hann’s bay. I also have the images of us eating seafood at Almadie Beach, or just walking along the west coast of Dakar, visiting Lagon 1 and Lagon 2 places.
If I always loved seascape, horizon and unique sea views, I used to stay away from the water. Never a foot in a pool even less in the sea. I was deeply afraid of what could happen once inside the water because of two stories.

The first is one of my deepest memories. I was walking with my dad at the beach of Golf when he lost his shoes in the water. I still wonder if this story is real, if it’s a nightmare or if my mind of child had exacerbated my emotions. However, My Dad have no trace of this story. The Golf Beach was known to be one of the most turbulent. And that day the sea was very rough. I have in mind the images of my Dad running and going deeper and deeper in the sea. I could see him running in the middle of the waves until he disappeared … The time between his “disappearance” and his reappearance in the middle of the waves with his shoes seemed to me an eternity, an eternity where I was convinced that the waves had swallowed him forever.

The second story is THIS movie. My parents used to watch THIS movie called Jaws. Do you know THIS movie called Jaws? I am sure the elders remember! And just hearing the tittle of the movie scare some of them. Jaws is one of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster thriller. The first part was released in 1975, followed by 3 other sequels. The star of the movie or let me say the terror of the movie? A shark!!! Huge, with gigantic jaws. The background music of the movie announcing the arrival of the shark was just terrorizing. The story? A shark who attacks all the beachgoers. If my memories are exact, the Scary Shark even attacked peoples in a pool! A pool! You imagine a shark in a pool?

I am a big fan of horror movies but this one was too realistic.

And of course that’s how I had during years this extreme fear of the sea. I remember that I even didn’t put a finger in the sea; just sit quietly and watch was enough. I still have the voice of my dad trying to convince me that nothing will happen….. No way!

Years later, when we moved near the sea, I accepted to put one foot in the water, then the other foot and then slowly started to enjoy fully swimming ; my fear of the water finally totally disappeared.
Jaws?? I have not seen the movie since and I wonder if I can watch this movie again.

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