Metro line 7

When I was student in France I covered a lot of the country and my Last stop was Paris.
Paris is also the city that I loved the most. Paris is known to be among the most beautiful cities of the world (not my words), Paris is also called the city of light and the city of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️. What made me like and enjoy Paris was the following:

1. Paris have a nightlife: you could go and have a walk outside without being confused with a ghost…
2. Paris is the world. You could meet all the religions of the world and all the nationalities
3. Paris is gastronomically and culturally rich

In Paris after so many lodging adventures that I’ll tell a special topic ( being a student in Paris is crazy ) I was living in a town named “Ivry sur seine” very near of Chinatown in the 13th arrondissement. Chinatown is a great mixture of Asian culture: all kind of Asian restaurant, pastries, supermarkets, shops. There is also a hidden Buddhist temple. My favorite moment was at the Chinese New year Celebration. You can assist to a wonderful parade with Dragons, Lions, traditional costumes, under drums beat – there is also martial art demonstrations.

My main transportation from home to university was the metro line 7. Line 7 of Parisian metro had these specificities:

1. Metro line 7 had very old metro wagons
2. One of the longest trajectory (exactly 2nd equal with line 9 )
3. One of the busiest (exactly the 3rd busier line)
4. One the slowest (don’t quote me on that)
5. One of the noisiest (don’t quote me on that too). Well metro is usually noisy but this line is NOISY

From my university to home it was a 30 min trip…. 30 loooooong minutes. 30 min in the old, slow, long, noisy metro line 7 😫😫. The noise of the metro was exactly the noise of an old train. You remember the kind of noise of the old trains in old Western movies, where you feel and hear each contact of the train with the rails ( 😂😂 from my sofa I could feel how hard it was to travel in this kind of train). So imagine this noise at 30m under the ground, where every decibel are amplified. That kind of noise!
Once inside, the dark blue color of the sits, the lights, all was sooooo creepy!!!

And sometimes, as if the line was not slow enough, the line used to stop between two metro stations because of some technical problems. Then you wait in the dark,… 30m under the ground, in a creepy line . And you pray al the prayers you know to hear the noisy noise, meaning that the problem is fixed. It was never too long just few seconds but let me tell you that those seconds in the line 7 was like eternity. 
With the line 7 you have the time to be depressed, very depressed. And you start asking some philosophical questions like, what is the sense of life? …. And then you have all kind of toxic and negative thoughts in mind. And then you get out of the metro in a very depressive mood… and you need to be strong enough to take the metro again and again. 

How I was spending the time in the metro? Well on busy hours the metro was full. So impossible to sit, and then impossible to read. And even, if I had a place and wanted to read, the metro was so noisy that my mind was full of noise. So there was this newspaper called “20min” I use to read quickly during the first minutes of my trip. They was distributing the paper at the entry of the station, as if they knew how boring the trip would be.

I was lucky to be surrounded by lot of bus lines, and a tramway line so in sunny days it was FIESTA!, I was preferring to walk more and spend 1 hour in the bus rather than my 30 minutes macabre moment twice a day.

This a long long time ago, I hope that things changed since that. However line 7 and I is the past 😂😂.

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