The Hot dog  

We can’t talk about US without mentioning the so popular Hot dog. The hot dog is a typical sandwich with grilled sausage, mustard and ketchup sauce and sometime oignon and salad. Americans are big consumer of Hot Dog.


In the American movies (Romantic American movies😍) you always have this food truck at the corner of the street or in a fair selling hot dog 🌭 . And then people buy , walk , talk, eat and have fun. Of course you can’t go in US without tasting hot dog and I was very impatient to have my opinion.

At DC and NY city you have this famous food truck where you can purchase hot dog every 100 m.

Well I didn’t feel the hot dog mania at Phoenix.

This 4th of July we attended the Black Diamond baseball game and we have been treated like VIP! From our stage we had the choice among several different food and drink ( okay but a Baseball match last soooooo long). Guess what?? hot dog was in the game😋😋😋😋

So you are still waiting for my thoughts….

Tadaaaaaaa. Sorry for The next lines ⛔️⛔️⛔️

I have to confess that Among several, Hot Dog will not be my first choice. You know sometimes Imagination and Reality just doesn’t match… My mind made a whole movie about Hot dog 😂. You’ll say it is junk food so no need to have a high expectation. I have no problem with junk food 😂

Anyway, this person who created this recipe was a great genius! . Bravo 👏🏽! See : bread +sausage +sauce and your food is ready!

What about you are you a Big fan of hot dog ?

African Foodista

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