Phoenix in summer : #sunoverdose

A general perception say that Africa is the hottest continent of the world. And the first answer when as an African you complain about Heat is: “your country is not so hot?” … euh No


Phoenix HEAT in summer! I’ve been informed. But I couldn’t think that it was that HOT. You have to be there to understand!

So when watching my weather App I saw 40 degree C to 45 degree C, I just tried to set up the app again first and second to change app : impossible! These are wrong temperatures! I need to know the truth!!

What i feel under the sun is very extreme, like I am going to melt so 40 – 45 is too low!

In Arizona they talk about dry and humid heat. From my understanding when it is humid heat you sweat… and when it is dry heat you burn or roast 😂😂😂.

During the first week, when we were outside , I really had the smell of something burning. My skin was really burning or it was just a kind of hallucination due to the sun ?? 😂

The hat became a vital accessory. Not the small hat but the one that produce enough shadow around you , the bigger is the best..

About shadow even with the hat, the first reflex when walking outside is to look for a shadow, shadow of buildings, shadow of trees, and even shadow of persons. 

As a petite i will confess that in a group I used to walk just behind the giants of the team to be protected by they shadow.

The rule to stay alive under extreme heat is:

  • Protect your skin
  • Stay hydrated (Diane Cole-Mallory’s voice)
  • Stay hydrated

Don’t thank me 😘😘😘

African Foodista

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