Las Vegas in One night

Today , I ‘ll take you to my discovery of Las Vegas, better than in the movie Ocean’s Eleven. Impressive! Just one night to see the beauty of the city. No need to drink coffee! For sure you’ll be awake ALL NIGHT LONG…. Let’s go.

I had two words in mind during my visit : Amazing and Explosive.

The four hours road trip passed quickly. As usual I am in the window side watching the landscape show. The West side of America is wonderful . The landscape is dominated by wide mountains and desert trees like Cactus. Since one week I am here and I am still amazed by the beauty of the desert. 

At the entry in Nevada state, the landscape changed, with more red stones and rare trees. The border Arizona – Nevada is marked by the huge Hover Dam on the Colorado river. Close to Las Vegas I observed a succession of beautiful luxury houses on the hills. City is not far anymore.

The Welcome to Vegas Sign is the proof that we are really there!!!


The Bellagio ( in Italiano) botanical garden

Las Vegas is the city of high end brands, sensational shows and Excesses …

No comment . 🤫

For the visit of the Bellagio , so much to see! I wanted to have 10 pairs of eyes .

The Bellagio is an imposing architecture, a dream setting, dazzling lights, and extreme luxury. The casino is huge, with so many gaming tables. Here you SPEND money!

The wedding chapel made me smile. I remembered all these funny improvised weddings in Movies.

My favorite part of the tour was definitely the botanical garden inside the Bellagio . I am not a big fan of flowers, fairy tales and Fairy tales characters, but I really felt emotional and teary in front of this fantastic scene. It was a throwback in childhood, and I felt like Alice in Wonderland. Flowers of all colors and all shapes, figurines … Wowwwww , it is great. The classical music, the colors and all the scene was magical… Okay here I can stay for eternity.


It is also possible to appreciate from outside the dancing fountains of the Bellagio. For a show it’s show !!


“Unscheduled time”

Las Vegas , the sin city, where everything is permitted. There is no limit except the limit you fix to yourself. Alcohol at will, smell of all kind of smoke in the streets, ladies and guys with strange costumes for a photo or a night, every 5 m someone give you a flyer for a party or a striptease show or a fun night…. no limit

There is also the casinos where people can spend the whole night gambling.

Shopping addicts also can do what they like to do : high end brands or funny souvenir from Las Vegas. About shopping, a souvenir shop attracted me! It was small shop where you can buy top, tee shirts or short and personalize it with crazy message to express your crazy feelings of the moment.

I was forgetting the quick and funny weddings at the wedding chapelle. Everything was really possible in Las Vegas.


Unscheduled time have been a debate during days and days before the trip. Yes as a group we had a list of activities and visits BUT at one moment of the night some will need Unscheduled time… no precision. Since then, “Unscheduled time” took a weird connotation. Dear 🤐, I still have your special laugh in mind when it’s about Unscheduled time.

I said Unscheduled? Below the list of unscheduled time revealed or not :

– The two guys who had to meet a cousin somewhere in Vegas and finally reappeared late in the morning : we were unable to join them and they said they were sleeping…

– The mysterious one who wanted to visit the rest of the city alone 😂 : he came back as lucid as he lived us and early in the morning 

– The other guys who planned their unscheduled time days in advance : They came back to much happy for people who just did normal things, they was making noise early in the morning when everybody was sleepy and tired. We had to explain them 100 times the point of rendez vous. What they did during their Unscheduled time is still an enigma…

– The ladies Unique experience 😂

My unscheduled time? At 3 Am I started to feel very tired, I just wanted to sit somewhere and sleep a few minutes. I even stopped to notice all the strange things of the city. So we paid a 1 hour tour bus to look around. 

I am really embarrassed for what I am going to say🔞🔞🔞🔞. Sorry to choc!

Once in the bus I sat comfortably at window side, ladies had a very interesting discussion but I couldn’t follow anymore : I just crashed 😂😂. I even don’t know where the bus took us. I just heard the driver’s voice saying that we arrived at our destination. Thank you ladies for watching my back.


In the morning, while the city was sleeping deeply, it was time to say her goodbye. To this beautiful city I said i wanted to see her again; one night was too short for her exploration.


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