What is a beautiful city?

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”

Vincent Van Gogh

The world is huge! Yes you know ! More , every part of the world is wonderful.

Here is my story. I grew up in Dakar capital city of Senegal, a beautiful peninsula. If you asked me few month ago what is a beautiful city, i will say  my beautiful city is an island or at least a city where you have a sea view!  Blue like the sky and the sea, with white or brown sand; and with unique sunset.

Oh Yes ! 


Few month ago I have been selected as a Mandela Washington Fellow to spend 6 weeks of training in the USA. When you hear USA which city do you think about? New York? Washington DC ? Miami ? San Francisco? Loooool me too.

Soooooooo I heard fews weeks later that I will be at Arizona State University in the city Phoenix! Whaaat ? Where ?? After some research I was informed… Phoenix, is a city in Arizona State ; Arizona is a desert; specificity of the area  in the summer the heat…….dry ! Well, this is another Topic.

arizona heat

Continuing my research I tried to know what can be the top 5 of things to do in Arizona and guess what I read about Grand Canyon one of the seven wonder of the world!  Waouh! I felt lucky and blessed. Since then I was very excited to be there. Well there is no sea but Grand Canyon is there. It is Amazing!


After a very long introspection and the visit of fabulous cities, my definition of a beautiful city changed. A beautiful city, is a city where my eyes are fully feed!

Through articles, interview, you will discover beautiful landscape, new culture, specifics food and dishes from My Mama Africa, the Us experience, The desert Experience, and other worldwide discover. 

And you, what do you consider as a beautiful city.

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